New Shooting Game in 2019 for iPhone and iPad released


The fun of shooting game, to all the people.

New Shooting Game in 2019 for iPhone or iPad released.
An application’s name is “Limit Shoot”.

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【 Movie 】

Overview ( Title-screen )

When you start the application [Limit Shoot], to display a Title-screen.
Touch [START], to display a Game-screen and the game will start.
Touch [OPTION], to display a Option-screen and setting how to play.

TITLE SCREENTitle-screen

GAME SCREENGame-screen

OPTION SCREENOption-screen

If you wait operation on the Title-screen, to display a prologue ( Scroll up from the bottom of the screen ).

TITLE SCREEN(prologue)

When prologue scroll is finished ( or touch the screen ), return to the Title-screen.

How to play ( Game-screen )

When the game starts, the airplane of the pilot will start from the mother-ship, and afterward, will be displayed operation button.


【 Operation button 】

GAME SCREEN (controller)

  • ① Move the airplane ( eight directions ).
  • ② Pause the game.
  • ③ Fires the laser.
  • ④ Fires the missile.
  • ⑤ Startup / stop the shield..

【 Parameter 】

GAME SCREEN (parameter)

  • ① A durability of the airplane. It decrease when hitting an enemy’s attack, and recover when take a itmes.
  • ② An energy of the airplane. It decrease when fire the laser or startup the shield. It recover when not use both.
  • ③ A number of usable missiles. It decrease when fire the missile, and increase when take a itmes.
  • ④ A durability of the mother-ship. It decrease when hitting an enemy’s attack.
  • ⑤ An energy of the mother-ship. It increase when a situation comes.

【 Weapon ( missile, laser, shield ) 】

The missiles are fire from the left and right, and can fire twice in a row. Also, the hitting enemies are will be out of action for a while.

The laser move at high speed and penetrate the enemies. Also, it move in the direction the airplane has moved.

The shield protect 100% on the damage of the enemy bullets hit. Also, it greatly reduce on the damage of the enemies and explosions hit.




【 Item 】

Sometimes to appear Items during the game.


  • Maximize the number of usable missiles. It is to appear when the number of usable missile is 0, or arrival a specific place.
  • Fully recover the durability of the airplane. It appear when arrival a specific place.

【 Pause 】

Touch [P], to pause the game, and to show a pause-screen.

GAME SCREEN (PAUSE)pause-screen

Touch [Return], to cancel pause, and to close the pause-screen.

Touch [Escape], to show a escape-screen.

GAME SCREEN (ESCAPE)escape-screen

Touch [Yes], to end the game, and to return the Title-screen.

Touch [No], to return the pause-screen.

【 Continue 】

When durability of the airplane or the mother-ship became lose, to show a GameOver-screen.


Touch [Continue], to resume from the beginning of the stage.
When a specific place, to resume from a just before place.

Touch [End], to end the game, and to return the Title-screen.

Setting ( Option-screen )


【 Game Level 】

A difficulty of the game.


【 Start Stage 】

A first stage of the game.( The number of stages is 5. )

When you clear the four stage( 1, 2, 3, 4 ), go to stage 5.

When select 3: 3 -> 4 -> 1 -> 2 -> 5

【 Auto Shield 】

Select [ON], when the airplane to damage during the shield stop, to startup the shield and reduce damage instead decrease the energy.

【 Music & SE 】

Select [OFF], a music ( and sound effects ) of the game do not sound.

【 Trigger 】

Replace operation button of M and L ( the laser and the missile ).


Touch [EXIT], to return the Title-screen.

Landscape mode

In the Title-screen or the Option-screen when the device orientation change to landscape ( left or right ), the screen is change to landscape mode.

TITLE SCREENTitle-screen

OPTION SCREENOption-screen

Touch [START], the game will start in landscape mode.


Can’t change screen mode ( vertical ⇔ horizontal ) during the game.

Playable device

This game can to play iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad.

GAME SCREEN(iPodTouch)iPod Touch

GAME SCREEN(iPhone X)iPhone X

GAME SCREEN(iPad Pro (9.7-inch)iPad Pro (9.7-inch)


Thank you very much for reading so far.
This game is a lot of fun very much.
Good luck !

【 Screenshot 】




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